Granite Templating

One of initial stages of planning your project is precisely assessing how best to use your space. The templating process not only gives us the precise measurements of how and where the stone should finish, but also allows to account for walkway space, the angle and position of joints, and gives you a visual representation of how your project will come together.

Our templating process combines new and old technologies. After discussing design choices, we will spend a brief amount of time templating your workspace by hand. These templates are then digitised, allowing us to work to the smallest of measurements. A combination of our lengthy industry experience and intricate attention to details ensures that we will deliver the perfect fit.


Attention to detail


Bespoke solutions, tailored to you


Combined 30+ years of experience


Here are just a few examples of our granite templating projects

"The granite looks fantastic, cut and installed very well. I would recommend the granite company to every body. Thanks."